Monday, 15 December 2014

'The Spank Shop 50 - This is Your Life'

Hello and Merry Christmas to one and all!

I have a very special story to post and then I'm going to make an announcement.

Why is the story so special? It's just a Spank Shop one, isn't it? Well, yes it is, but it's the 50th. 50 is quite a milestone and should be celebrated. Seegee thought so too and so this is the 50th story of The Spank Shop. I hope you've enjoyed the journey so far and maybe if we're lucky there will be another 50 yet to come.

A plain undecorated paddle, not unlike the one the girls from SOB presented to Aunty Andrea, after they had decorated it appropriately.

This is what our brave ladies volunteered for, only they were wearing skirts and bent over a couch.

Kimberley rubs her glowing bottom after the party.

Andrea sighed and thought about her day. For some reason everything had seemed off today and the attractive woman could not put her finger on why. Her schedule hadn’t been over loaded, although she certainly wasn’t idle long enough to become bored. Everyone had turned up for work on time and done what was expected of them. The day ran smoothly and was like any other day in The Spank Shop. Despite all this Andrea had that nagging feeling that there was something she had forgotten. It was the sort of feeling that one got when they left the house without their keys and didn’t totally understand until they got back home and couldn’t get in the door.

With thoughts of what have I forgotten to do chasing themselves around in her head the phone in her parlour rang. As soon as Andrea picked up the cordless handset she knew it was going to be her teenage receptionist Kimberley Kennedy, because the display read Reception.

“Yes, Kimmy,” she answered.

“We’ve got a delivery out here, Miss Andrea.”

Andrea’s eyebrows rose, why would Kim call her about a delivery? The girl was the receptionist, part of her daily duties was signing for anything that arrived at the shop.

“Can’t you just sign for it, dear?”

“Ordinarily yes,” Kimberley began.

“Surely Mr Sharman will accept your signature,” Andrea continued, referencing the local postman, “he’s know you your entire life.”

“It’s not Mr Sharman,” Kimberley told her employer. “It’s someone from a courier company and they’re insisting that this is only for you and you have to accept it.”

Andrea sighed, if it was not one thing it was another. “Very well, Kim. I’ll be out in a moment.”

The tall, willowy woman rose gracefully to her feet and stalked out to reception, determined to give some unfortunately pedantic delivery person a piece of her mind.


“Is she coming out?” Gabrielle Kennedy asked her daughter, a smile playing across her lips.

Kimberley nodded self consciously fussing with her mane of obsessively cared for blonde hair. “I hope she’s not angry about this. My bottom only just stopped hurting from all the birthday spankings I got last week when I turned nineteen.”

Maria Sculiatta laughed richly. “Ah, Kimberley, you lie very convincingly, Tesoro.”

“Thanks Aunty Maria, although I’m not entirely sure that’s a compliment.”

Both ladies tittered at the girl’s comment.

“We need to get by the couch,” Gabrielle said. “She’ll be out in a second.”


Andrea appeared in the doorway to her parlour and asked, “So where is this confidential package that I have to…” Her green eyes widened in surprise as she saw her part time employee Gabrielle Kennedy in attendance on a day when she was not scheduled to work, as well as the other part time disciplinarian Maria Sculiatta and Kimberley. They were all standing by one of the reception room couches, only for some reason they had moved it into the centre of the room, and there was no delivery man in sight.

Kimberley did however have a large, glittery book, rather like an outsized photo album held to her chest.

“Surprise!” the women chorused.

“Surprise what?” Andrea asked, completely confused.

“We’re a year old, Aunty!” Kimberley said to her employer, holding out the book so that Andrea could see the words ‘This Is Your Life’ picked out in silver glitter on the light blue cover.

“We are?” Andrea asked, suddenly realizing what she had forgotten and why everything seemed so off.

“Yes,” Kimberley said with a nod. “It was exactly a year ago today that we opened for business, ma’am. I wanted to remember it somehow, only I didn’t know what to do, we’d already done the surprise birthday thing for your birthday…”

“I do remember,” Andrea said, unconsciously rubbing her shapely backside in memory of the extended birthday spanking she had received at the hands of her friends that day.

“So I was out of ideas and then Mum and Mrs Sculiatta mentioned this old TV show they used to watch…”

“A little less of the old, young lady,” Gabrielle muttered at her daughter.

“Sorry, Mum,” Kimberley said with a blush. “It was called This Is Your Life and they surprised someone with a look through their life with guests and the like, so I thought it was ideal. I made up a photo album and everything. So you just sit down here on the couch and enjoy This Is Your Life Spank Shop.”

As Andrea settled down on the couch, the large book in her lap, she traced the lovingly picked out words, she noticed that there was a curtain set up on one side of reception that had not been there before, she wondered who exactly was behind it. The artwork on the front cover of the album brought a smile to her face, it was well done, but she could definitely see the child like hands of Maddie and Mike Kennedy at work there. She wondered if Kim or Gabrielle, or both, had pressed the twins into service crafting it.


“At first,” Kimberley began telling the story of the shop in her role as host of the ‘show’, “you wondered if you had made a mistake even opening the shop, because it took a little while for any business to arrive, and then one day…”

A young voice floated from behind the curtain, “My Dad wants you to spank me, ma’am. He thinks he may hurt me if he does it.”

Andrea smiled and opened the book, the face of Hannah Jelanic smiled out at her, the fourteen year old’s face framed by her long, straight light brown hair.

The curtain moved aside and the entire contingent from Clarkstown High stood there, grinning at Andrea.

The next page of the album had a picture of a school class, although they were all varying ages and the sign at the front said “Spank Shop Class Year One’.

As well as Hannah, there were the Sullivan twins; Courtney and James, and they were accompanied by their pretty blonde mother, Donna. All three members of the family had found themselves over Andrea’s lap, although the adolescent twins were spanked far more often than their mother.

Andrea could see Robin Carter, holding the hand of his girlfriend Diane Hurst. The boy had initially been referred to her after he was caught shoplifting. Andrea felt in some way responsible for the relationship between he and Diane, as both were customers of the shop they found some common ground and became a couple not long after Robin’s first visit there. Andrea had spanked them both separately and together since then, too.

Kimberley’s younger sister and Gabrielle’s middle child, the sixteen year old Chelsea, was marshaling some of the younger members. Generally Chelsea was disciplined by her parents, but she had also spent time over Andrea’s lap. Standing by the pretty blonde’s side was her boyfriend, the recently graduated school sports star Dustin Morris. The boy had also visited the shop. Both Gabrielle and Andrea had put him through a torrid afternoon for involving Chelsea in an illegal street race.

Four of the youngsters Chelsea was keeping an eye on were former bully Eric and three of his victims; Missy, Paul and Ernie, all of whom were now amongst the boy’s best friends. Andrea had spanked Eric first at the school, but since then his mother either sent him to the shop or accompanied him. Missy, Paul and Ernie were also customers, although less frequently than Eric.

The Waynwright twins; Devon and Darcy, were also with the high school contingent, along with their mother Martha and their cousin Kathy. The precocious dark haired twins with supermodel looks were among Andrea’s more difficult customers as well as being regular visitors. Devon was actually sexually aroused by being spanked and she also got off on seeing others get it. For those reasons Andrea dealt with the girl personally, administering her punishments privately and ensuring that she received no pleasure from what she received. Gabrielle generally spanked her sister, she had formed a sort of bond with the girl the first time the twins had been to the shop. Andrea had also spanked Martha and Kathy, although for unrelated reasons.

The beautiful anglo Indian history teacher Priya Balakrishnan had affectionate arms laid gently over the shoulders of some of her students, and beamed at Andrea. Andrea had spanked the teacher once at the request of her headmistress Sharon Johnson for not sticking to the curriculum, she’d also spanked her since, but those had all been for pleasure and not punishment. Andrea and Priya had an attraction to each other and were occasional lovers.

Kaitlyn Miller was with the Sullivan twins, being looked over by Desiree Price, and she smiled shyly at Andrea from behind her dark bangs. Looming over the young softballer were four older students, in fact all should have graduated by now. Kitty Toscanno was rebellious and a regular visitor, her older sister Lexie had first brought her in for getting a tattoo without parental permission, while the older Toscannos were overseas on a long awaited holiday. Since that she’d been in for a string of offences, the most recent being in company with Steven Mueller, Zoe Pallas and Jeremy Richards for vandalizing school property the night before their final day of classes.

Jeremy had not graduated and he wasn’t in attendance today. Andrea suspected Mr Richards didn’t have any love for her, considering the testing sessions she’d put him through with her cane. He hadn’t been to the shop for a short while, but she knew that Kimberley was tutoring him so that he could graduate with his second go at it.

Trent Neilsen stood with the other three, and judging by the looks Zoe was giving him, he may very soon have a girlfriend. He’d come a long way since first moving to Clarkstown with his mother, wearing an anklet that kept him under house arrest. Kimberley had had to spank him when babysitting him for his mother; Grace, who had needed to spend a night out of town on business. Both mother and son had attended the shop and spent time over the laps of Andrea, Gabrielle and Maria, Trent was also a graduate of Kimberley’s tutoring.

Andrea scanned the crowd of high schoolers and guardians and was a little disappointed to see that Jackson Conway was not there, or his parents either. She’d seen the boy a few times since spanking his parents, and since Kimberley had introduced him to spanking for bullying her younger brother and sister, but it was generally Maria who dealt with him. ‘You win some, you lose some,’ Andrea thought philosophically. After all it wasn’t many people who smacked bottoms for a living that could command this sort of an appreciative crowd at a celebration.

“Oh my goodness!” Andrea exclaimed. “I think Aunty is going to cry!” She held her arms wide and the crowd of adolescents surged forward. Andrea put her arms around as many as she could and received hugs and kisses in return.

Someone seemed to have elected Chelsea Kennedy as spokesperson and she said, “Everyone here wants to thank you Aunty. You’ve smacked all our bottoms at one point or another and I think we’re all better for it.”

“Three cheers for Aunty Andrea!” Dustin urged in the strong voice that he used on the sports field to alert teammates that he was open to accept the ball.

“Hip hip hurray! Hip hip hurray! Hip hip hurray!” the Clarkstown High kids cheered loudly.

Sharon Johnson beamed at Chelsea, complimented her on a nicely put together little speech, and ushered a blushing Eric in front of her. “I think Eric had a few words he wanted to say that I believe highlight what a difference you’ve made here, Andrea. Now tell Aunty what you did this week, darling.”

Eric looked into Andrea’s bewitching green eyes, took a deep breath and said, “I made the Clarkstown High under 14 cricket team this week, Aunty.”

“Oh Eric,” Andrea said with genuine fondness. “That’s great news, honey.”

“And I got a B in my English class.”

“Even better,” Andrea said.

“I wouldn’t have done that if you hadn’t spanked me. I didn’t like cricket, and Paul helped me get the B. It was better to earn it, rather than bash him for the answers.”

Andrea threw back her head and laughed, then she bent forward, hugged the blushing boy, whispered, “You’re welcome,” in his ear, then kissed his cheek and gave his bottom a good firm swat to send him back to his crowd of friends. She resumed her seat and looked expectantly at the curtain, wondering who was going to speak from behind it next.

The next page of the photo album was a huge hint. It showed a picture of one of the spanking aprons that Andrea used on clients. Most of the aprons had rather childish themes, but there were two in particular that were reserved for specific people. One belonged to Kimberley, and the girl had been made to embroider the legend: Kimberley’s Very Own Spanking Apron, on it. The other was white with a red cross on it, and that was reserved for a young local nurse called Tiffany, who required regular spanking to help her function normally. Next to the picture of the apron was a medium size rectangular wooden paddle, also painted white with a red cross on one side.

A girlish giggly voice came from behind the curtain. “I just need spanking, Aunty. Ever since I left home I can’t seem to get anything right, and that’s because my aunt and uncle aren’t spanking me.”

From behind the curtain came the blonde Tiffany, she was still dressed in her nurse’s outfit. Andrea enfolded her in a motherly hug and asked, “Aren’t you usually sleeping after your night shift at this time of day, darling?”

Tiffany blushed. “Normally yes, Aunty, but I swapped a shift. I couldn’t miss this.”

Andrea sank back onto her couch, with visions of Tiffany’s bottom turning from white to pink to a hot glowing red as it bounced over her lap and under her hand, and the girl squealed fetchingly in response to the sensation.


Kimberley resumed her role as host, taking the book from Andrea and saying, “It isn’t just in the shop or at the local school that the Spank Shop plays a crucial role for Clarkstown, it is also in our sporting clubs and has even gone international. Our next guest couldn’t attend in person, but she recorded a video message for you, Aunty.”

Maria placed an iPad in front of Andrea and it played a message.

A fresh young face, with a sprinkling of freckles across the nose and cheeks appeared on screen. “I’m really sorry my schedule didn’t allow me to make it there, Aunty Andrea,” said Marta Helmsley, the tennis world’s latest teen sensation. “I may not have realized it at the time, but I really did need that spanking you gave me. It turned me into a better player and a nicer person. I have that to thank for my current rising ranking and anytime my Aunt Marilyn thinks I need an attitude adjustment she just mentions booking me in to play a tournament not far from Clarkstown.” The delighted laughter of the girl’s aunt and coach could be heard off screen. Marta finished off by saying, “Have a great time, you deserve it,” then blowing kisses at the camera.

Andrea looked down at the book Kimberley had placed in her lap and at the picture of Clarkstown Tennis Club’s grass centre court, then a voice could be heard from behind the curtain. “Out? What do you mean that was out? Are you freaking blind?”

Andrea stood and smiled at the elegant brunette emerging from behind the barrier. She wagged her finger. “I may need to ask Kimberley to fetch my cane, young lady.”

Veronica Dixon-Thompson laughed, presented her shapely backside to Andrea, bent slightly and waggled it. “Do you want me bent over the net for six of the best, miss?” she asked cheekily.

Andrea smacked the wiggling behind. Veronica gave a mock squeal, then turned around to kiss Andrea’s cheek. “Do you think you can take an afternoon off for a few sets this week? My ground strokes could use it.”

“I’ll see what I can do,” Andrea promised as Veronica joined the growing crowd, and wondered if her own forehand would get a workout and not just on the wealthy woman’s home tennis court.


Kimberley was about to say a few words about their next guest to give Andrea an idea of who it was when a French accented voice hit the air. “My petite Andee, such an achievement, cherie,” and Joelle Clemenceau swept into the room. She had a martinet it one hand, which she shook at Andrea, who laughed.

Spots of bright hot colour stood out on Kimberley’s cheeks. She had never gotten along with Andrea’s friend Joelle. Their first encounter had eventually ended up with Kimberley being soundly, and to her mind, unfairly spanked over the French lady’s lap. Now the woman had pre empted her introduction, and where had that martinet come from? How on earth had she managed to get it out of Andrea’s cupboard?

While the two ladies talked and laughed Kimberley said out loud, “How did she get the martinet?”

Maria’s cheeks coloured. “I think that may be my fault.”

“Yours?” Kimberley asked.

The Italian woman winced. “It was yesterday. Andrea was out getting a few things. You were spanking in your parlour and she came in. I never really wanted to let her into Andrea’s parlour, but I was busy taking payment from a client, and she’s a rather overpowering person.”

Kimberley rolled her eyes in agreement. “It’s okay, Mrs Sculiatta, I understand.”

Gabrielle put a hand on her daughter’s shoulder. “Now just hold that temper of yours, darling. I know she rubs you up the wrong way, but she is Andrea’s friend.”

“Yeah, I know, Mum,” Kimberley sighed, fussing with her hair. “She just gives me the pip.”

“Karen?” Andrea was saying, the name referring to one of the world’s most famous models, Karen ‘KM’ Moore, who was a client of Joelle’s and had been spanked by Andrea for public misbehavior in the past. “You really think she needs a refresher?”

Joelle nodded.

“Well, when she can fit it into her schedule send her here, you know we’re discreet.”


“Most people think that spanking is just for children, but even big kids need their bottoms smacked,” Kimberley continued when Joelle had stopped monopolizing Andrea, and was chatting animatedly to Priya Balakrishnan, and eyeing off the Waywnright twins as possible models for the fashion line she had plans to launch.

“Even big married kids,” Kimberley elaborated, with a grin.

A light of understanding came on in Andrea’s eyes, now the pictures of the wedding dress and assorted other marriage related images made sense.

Voices could be heard behind the curtain. “Daniel just won’t do what he’s told,” said Ashleigh Summerton.

“I never gave Brian permission to have those strippers at his party,” the voice of Millicent Campbell nee Goldwater joined Ashleigh’s.

“Naughty boy!” Polly Wilson said, and the scolding was accompanied by the sound of a female palm impacting on a tight male derriere.

Michael Wilson didn’t react to the smack, but his wife squealed as his hand cracked across her pert rear end, and he growled, “Brat!”

“Hey!” Andrea protested as the three couples came from behind the curtain. ‘It’s Aunty who gives the spankings here, thank you very much!” and each of the young married couples had their bottoms smacked and their cheeks kissed, as Andrea greeted them before preparing to welcome her next guest.


The picture on the book in Andrea’s lap was off a beautifully made and decorated cake. A smile spread across Andrea’s full lips as the pieces fell into place. “I just don’t know how to lose weight, Andrea. Can you help?”

Rhonda Littlemore emerged from behind the curtain, she was carrying a large cake, with the legend Spank Shop 1 on it, and a paddle shaped candle sticking out the top of it. While Rhonda would never be as thin as some of Andrea’s other clients, she had lost a good deal of weight since first asking for help in sticking to a diet and exercise plan. Failure to stick to it had earned her a lengthy session over Andrea’s lap. It wasn’t her last spanking, but she had kept the weight off.

After placing the cake safely on a table for consumption later, Rhonda kissed and hugged Andrea and took her place with the rest of the growing throng.


“Clarkstown’s law enforcement and legal communities have also benefited from the addition of the Spank Shop to the downtown business district,” Kimberley said. “We provide an alternative to incarceration and community service.”

The album had pictures of police uniforms and courtrooms, Kimberley had even taken a picture of Andrea’s caning horse. The disciplinarian frowned at the picture and wondered whose shapely bottom was over the horse and exactly when and how Kimberley had sneaked into the parlour to set the horse up, pose and snap the picture.

Kimberley smiled as she saw Andrea’s expression, she leaned down and whispered in her employer’s ear, “That’s Mandy. She was a good sport about it.”

Andrea turned shocked eyes on her receptionist. “Did you cane her?”

“Just the one stroke,” Kimberley answered, tossing her long blonde mane. “She wanted to know what it felt like. She said one was enough, she couldn’t imagine taking the traditional six.”

“Well, I hope she never finds out,” Andrea said, not wanting to imagine her niece doing anything naughty enough to earn her six of the best from an old fashioned school cane.


There was an unseen little verbal role play going on behind the curtain.

“But Aunty Sandra I didn’t mean to paint that guy’s car,” the former graffiti artist, as well as nephew of local judge Sandra Thornley protested.

“But you did, young man,” the judge retorted. “So I am sentencing you to the Spank Shop.

“It was only a party,” Cameron Worth tried to explain.

“You put the invitations on Facebook,” Constable Tania Wheeler retorted. “It turned into a riot and I wound up with a black eye from one of your guests. It’s the Spank Shop for you my boy.”

“I’ll never steal from a clothesline again,” Ryan Smith vowed.

“We’re definitely making progress, dear,” Dr. Rosalie Sutcliffe assured the orphaned homeless drifter who had been given a new start in life at Clarkstown as Veronica’s apprentice gardener.

The curtain moved across and Sandra strode out with her nephew on one arm and her pretty blonde court assistant Melanie on the other. Behind them came Ryan Smith in the company of a smiling Rosalie Sutcliffe. Tania brought up the rear with Cameron in front of her, and her beat partner Carl Jennings on the other side, she planted an affectionate swat on the handsome young police officer’s tight rear end, he turned to look at her, and the expression on his face promised later retribution for the mischievous policewoman with the sparkling blue eyes.

Andrea grinned at the tableau. Sandra marshaled everyone around her, and said, “I think I speak for everyone when I thank you, Andrea for what you’ve done here. Nicky,” the curly haired artist blushed at his aunt using the childish diminutive of his name, “is doing really well at art school and has career opportunities that convictions for graffiti may not have allowed him. Cameron will soon be a qualified carpenter, and his reactions since his ill advised party and the way he accepted punishment for that have garnered him a good deal of respect within the community. Ryan has reformed and gets glowing reports from Veronica for his work ethic, plus his treatment with Rosalie is helping him to resolve some long seated issues that caused him great mental anguish.”

All the young men, including Carl Jennings’, whose moonlighting as a stripper threatened his career until he took a trip over Andrea’s lap, thanked Andrea for her intervention in their lives. They then melted into the crowd. Ryan went straight to Veronica and Rosalie exchanged some pleasantries with Maria Sculiatta, who when she wasn’t spanking bottoms at the shop, worked as the psychiatrist’s receptionist. Carl and Tania stayed together. Cameron and Nicholas fell into conversation with some of the older Clarkstown High group. Melanie and Sandra stood with the two police officers as they waited for the next of Andrea’s guests to emerge.


The picture on the next page was of the manicured lawns and beautiful old buildings that greeted visitors to the nearby tertiary education institution of Clarkstown University and this told Andrea where her next set of guests would be from.

The opening voice was that of Andrea’s old college friend, Julia Harrison, who was a professor at Clarkstown U.

“Yes, April it is plagiarism, and Marc, I know you gave her the source material, don’t deny it.”

The answers from the students were a respectful, “Yes, ma’am,” from Marc Blosic, and a sob from his girlfriend April Chang.

“A disgraceful party with male strippers!” said the furious voice of Valerie Stormwood, the stern housemother of sorority Sigma Omega Beta. “Aunty Andrea will have something to say about this, young ladies.”

“Yes, ma’am,” the voices of Tara, Belinda and Angelica, three leading members of the sorority, sighed.

“Happy Anniversary Aunty Andrea!” the joyous voice of Andrea’s actual niece, Mandy Tanner cried and the university contingent streamed out from behind the curtain.

As well as Julia and her students, and Valerie and her charges, and Mandy, young British exchange student Roddy Mackay-Stevens, who came to have his backside caned regularly for academic under performance, appeared and Samuel Jensen, the young sports star also often found himself over the disciplinarian’s lap more often than he would probably like. Andrea was surprised to see that Veronica’s friend Simone Devlin and her toyboy Andrew, who was studying for his PhD at the university had allied himself with that crowd, as had Kimberley’s boyfriend Evan Marsters, although he had already graduated.

Andrea could see Misty Kendall with her mother Fiona, Carlie and Lynette Edwards, as well as Sahra Lindsay, and Mandy’s former pot smoking roommate Mya. All, with the exception of Fiona Kendall, had found themselves over either the knees of Andrea or one of her ladies, and there were rumours that Fiona’s maiden journey as a spankee in the parlour couldn’t be that far in the future. Andrea was a little surprised to see wealthy socialite Simone Devlin with her toyboy Andrew in tow at the back of that crowd, but then again Andrew was working towards his PhD at Clarkstown U.

As the college students and their mentors or guardians filed past they kissed and congratulated a deeply blushing Andrea. The girls from the sorority of SOB stopped and presented Andrea with a specially decorated paddle. As Angelica explained, they had decided to make her an honorary member of the sorority. “At least this way,” Tara, the most rebellious of the three, said, “next time you bust our butts it will be with an actual SOB paddle.”

The paddle had Andrea’s name on the handle. One side was painted red with the sorority’s Greek initials picked out in white, it had then been sealed with a coat of lacquer so that it wouldn’t run or fade. The girls had decorated the other side with various images that evoked memories of the shop itself - paddles, canes and straps, glowing bottoms, a crying face.

Sahra managed a few words with Andrea and assured her that her best friend Melissa Pembroke was doing well in her job as the nanny of 3 daughters of a wealthy overseas based businessman. She didn’t often have to spank her charges, but she had done so when required, and the 3 girls knew that a spanking from their pretty young governess was no laughing matter, and she had Andrea to thank for that as the professional disciplinarian had taught her exactly how to school a naughty young bottom.

As Andrea resumed her seat, she set the paddle next to her and turned the page of the album. There was a picture of an expensive looking shoe and rather ominous bedroom slipper, which Andrea knew was one of her spanking slippers. She frowned a little trying to work out the clues, then as she heard the voices of Jennifer Travers and her attractive young stepmother Gloria it hit her. Gloria was very fond of designer shoes and had been slippered for blowing her credit card limit on the luxury goods and nineteen year old Jennifer’s last visit to Andrea’s parlour had been for a similar offence. She was pleased to see that both ladies had elected to wear nice, but not overly ostentatious shoes to the shop’s party. “Mummy says I may need another visit from the red bottom fairy,” a red faced Jennifer whispered as she bussed Andrea’s cheek gently.

Andrea smiled in response and patted the girl’s pert rear end fondly as she said, “I’ll have a chat to Mummy Gloria later and see what we can arrange, darling.”


Kimberley took the book from Andrea and started her next chapter. “Since Aunty Andrea started her shop here, local businesses have found it much easier to keep their staff on the straight and narrow.”

The receptionist handed the book back to Andrea and a generous smile split the brunette’s face as she looked at the pictures on the page. There was a picture of the uniform that call centre employees from the local power company wore, the outside of a downtown bank and the beauty salon that was next to the shop itself.

“Jason!” a bright female voice exclaimed from behind the curtain. “How dare you booby trap my desk.”

“You smeared jam on my headset,” a male voice countered.

“I honestly didn’t mean to do a bad job on the nails yesterday,” a young girl’s voice insisted, once she had gotten over a fit of giggles over what Jason and Kelly were accusing each other of.

“Again?” another girl asked plaintively.

“Yes, Rachel,” said a stern sounding female voice, which was obviously an impersonation. “I am beginning to think that you enjoy being sent to the Spank Shop you’re such a regular customer.”

The curtain moved and out came the two young employees of the local power company; Jason and Kelly, the two had been flirting by playing silly pranks on each other when they were first sent to Andrea. Now, judging by the way they held hands, it appeared that Andrea’s attempts at matchmaking between the two youngsters had borne fruit.

They were followed by Rachel and Wendy, who both worked for a local bank. The bank gave employees the option of being dismissed or going to Andrea’s shop to learn the error of their ways if they made too many significant errors. As Clarkstown wasn’t a large place, and jobs weren’t thick on the ground, most agreed to the alternative. Rachel’s rebellious nature had seen her grace the doors of the Spank Shop more than most. Wendy had only been the once, and it was her who had been imitating their stern supervisor Gladys Mendes.

The final member of the group was Phoebe ‘Feebs’ Tompkins, she worked as a beautician, mostly nails, at the hair and beauty salon next to the shop. She actually got sent to the shop less than a number of her fellow hairdressers and beauticians, and her one and only visit had been for an issue regarding her failure along with her housemate’s flight attendant Bridget Shaughnessy to fail to live up the rental agreement they had signed with Sandra Thornley when they rented the property from her.

Phoebe stopped to exchange a few words with Andrea. “Bridget couldn’t make it, ma’am. She’s on an international flight, but she asked me to say congratulations, and offer to take any smacks for this.”

“There won’t be any spanks, sweetheart,” Andrea told the relieved girl. “Not for you anyway.”


“Even local medical professionals have found a use for Aunty’s services,” Kimberley said and Rosalie disappeared behind the curtain to return leading a rather nervous looking man in his mid 30’s.

“Oh don’t be shy, Malcolm,” Andrea said warmly, embracing the man fondly. “We’re all friends here due to a shared experience. Have you been going to bed on time and taking your medication?” she asked rather more sternly.

Malcolm nodded quickly.

“Maybe Aunty should pop by one night just to make sure.”

“Yes, Aunty,” Malcolm whispered. ”I’d actually like that, it was nice being tucked in by you.”

“Well hopefully if Aunty does that she won’t have to make sure that her little man is sleeping on his tummy with a warm bottom to keep him company through a long cold night.”

Malcolm blushed and smiled, before letting Rosalie lead him into the crowd where he stood between her and Maria, who he knew in both her capacity as the psychologist’s receptionist and part time spanker at the Spank Shop.

“And that concludes the story of the Spank Shops first year!” Kimberley wrapped up with a beaming smile at her employer.


There was applause around the room. Blushing furiously Andrea stood, flanked by her three employees, her eyes were shining and she was holding back tears. “I honestly don’t know what to say,” she said. “All I can come up with is thank you, thank you very much.”

Gabrielle suggested that they light the candle on the cake, then cut it and serve it out to the guests. Kimberley offered to make coffee and tea for everyone, and Maria suggested soft drink or fruit juice for the children. Joelle produced a bottle of champagne from somewhere and said that maybe those present who were old enough to drink alcohol may like to toast the shop’s continued success with it. A suggestion that a number of the ladies, and some of the gentlemen in attendance received enthusiastically.

Andrea listened to the crowd sing a version of Happy Birthday to the Spank Shop, but let Maria cut the cake, as she didn’t think she would be able to do a good job, she was so overcome.


People broke into groups and chatted as they ate cake, drank coffee, tea, soft drink or champagne. Once many of the high school students had finished with their cake they went out into the back garden behind the shop and a game of kick to kick was started. They were supervised by Dustin and Steven, with help from Evan. Chelsea watched with Kitty and Zoe, the younger Kennedy made it very clear that she was only too prepared to spank the bottom of any person whose behaviour got too out of hand. While Chelsea didn’t compare to her mother or even her older sister when it came to spanking, she had administered a few when babysitting her younger siblings and local neighbourhood kids, and it was an experience to be avoided in their opinion.

There was a pleasant hubbub of conversation inside the shop.

“Have you thought of how to finish the celebration, cherie?” Joelle asked, a sparkle in her eyes.

“I have an idea,” Andrea admitted to her old friend, sipping champagne.

“Une fessee d’anniversaire?” Joelle hazarded a guess, eyes still twinkling.

“You have a one track mind, Joelle,” Andrea told her. “Besides we already did that for my birthday and I like to keep things original.”


Andrea waited until the cake had been eaten and most guests were back in the shop again before she used a cake fork to tap on the side of her crystal flute to get everyone’s attention.

“I know many of you attended my birthday celebration and even those of you who weren’t present probably know what happened after you left.”

Chuckles and looks were exchanged.

“I’ll have to have the okay from Gabrielle and Kimberley for this, but I thought we may do something similar today.” Andrea paused to let it sink in and watched some of her guests lick their lips. “As many of you know and believe, no birthday is complete without a birthday spanking, and this is a birthday of sorts.”

Kimberley and Gabrielle exchanged worried looks.

“Now most, if not all of you have been spanked by me, so what I’m proposing is that those in attendance who have been to the shop for a spanking, provided that they are 18 or over can have the chance to get some of their own back this afternoon. I will bend over the couch and offer my bottom up for a swat with the paddle that the SOB girls so kindly presented me with.”

“Do you want us to do this, too, Aunty?” Kimberley asked in a weak voice.

“Only if you and your Mum are agreeable, sweetheart,” Andrea said with a smile.

Kimberley looked around the room of expectant faces. She wasn’t being told to do this and she knew that she could say no, but if she did that she could just hear the stories that would be whispered about her, about how she could dish it out, but couldn’t take it. She also knew that not doing this would disappoint Andrea, and she would not do that if she could help it. Surely Andrea would have some rules in place, she had said only one swat per person and it wouldn’t be the kids doing it, she’d made an 18 and over stipulation.

Kimberley nodded slowly and croaked, “I’ll do it.”

All eyes turned to Gabrielle.

“What about Maria?” the Kennedy matriarch demanded. “She’s a part time spanker here as well.”

“Yes, she is, Gabrielle,” Andrea confirmed. “However she hasn’t been employed all that long, so shouldn’t be subject to the same things Kimberley and I, who have been here since day one should be, and you joined not all that long after I opened.”

“Very well,” Gabrielle sighed “As long as it’s only one swat and on the understanding that if anyone oversteps the mark they’ll be over my knee in very short order.”

There were a few gulps as people looked at Gabrielle Kennedy’s stern face and icy gaze.

“I feel rather superfluous,” Maria said in a disappointed voice.

“Do you want to be paddled too, Maria?” Andrea asked. “I can include you if you really want.”

“No,” the Italian woman said with a wince, “but I think I should contribute somehow.”

“Why don’t you supervise?” Andrea suggested. “You can arrange things and ensure that, as Gabrielle said, no one oversteps the mark.”

“I’ll help,” Rosalie said standing by her receptionist.

“Me too,” Sharon Johnson agreed.

“Make me three,” Sandra Thornley backed the school principal up.

“Well if that is decided,” Andrea said, gulping down the rest of her champagne and setting the flute down on a table, then taking up a bent over position in the centre of the long couch, pushing her full womanly bottom out in it’s skirt.

“You were bare at the birthday spanking, Aunty,” Tiffany pointed out helpfully.

“That was a little different, sweetness. I think clothed is best on this occasion.”

A number of the guests, mostly the more mature women, agreed with Andrea’s response to the pretty, occasionally scatter brained nurse.


Gabrielle took up position on one side of Andrea.

“Been quite a while since I’ve been like this,” she said to her employer.

“What about the speeding incident with Tania?” Andrea asked.

Gabrielle blushed, and then amended, “Apart from that.”

“Not long enough for me,” Kimberley gave her own opinion as she bent herself over the back of the couch on Andrea’s opposite side.

“You’re normally bare for that, darling,” Gabrielle reminded her daughter.

“Yes,” Kimberley agreed. “I suppose I should be thankful for small mercies.”


There were a few butterflies fluttering around in Andrea’s stomach as more than one of her guests had a score to settle with her, the stipulation that anyone taking a swing at her backside or Kim or Gabrielle, that they had to have endured a spanking at the shop helped quell it a little, and the knowledge that the quartet or ladies supervising the paddling had enough integrity to not let things get out of hand.

Kimberley racked her brain for a guest list and wondered how many of them wanted to be vindictive. They couldn’t swat full force, and she was wearing panties and a skirt, so that would modify the impact some, but how many people present wanted to swat her? She was sure she would be sitting tenderly at dinner that night.

Gabrielle wasn’t overly concerned. Anyone who wanted to take a swing at her would do well to bear in mind that they could wind up on the receiving end, and Gabrielle Kennedy had a long and keen memory. Anyone who found themselves in her parlour would not have the luxury of wearing a skirt and panties. It was probably also unlikely to be a public spectacle like this one, though.


There were blushes and nervous giggles as the guests looked at each other and wondered who would be first to take Andrea up on her offer.

Andrea waited patiently and silently hoped someone would take the initiative, she was going to feel rather stupid if no one did, and the waiting was always the worst. She was confident that once a swat had been delivered the ice would be broken, and the biggest problem Maria, Rosalie, Sharon and Sandra would face, would be who got possession of the paddle next.

It came as no surprise to anyone who knew the woman, that the first fist to curl around the sorority paddle’s handle belonged to Joelle Clemenceau. She lifted the paddle, and gauged its weight. The Frenchwoman’s expression showed that she was impressed. She did not say anything, in fact she even placed a finger over her grinning crimson lips so as not to spoil the surprise for whoever’s bottom she chose to smack.

What did make eyebrows raise was the fact that by picking up the paddle to deliver a spank, Joelle was admitting that at some point she had been spanked at the shop. It had to have been Andrea, Joelle would not submit to anyone else there.

Joelle had not had a lot to do with Gabrielle Kennedy. She liked the woman, and approved of the way she raised her family with an iron fist, her dear maman had been similar, and it was that venerable lady who Joelle had inherited her own enjoyment of spanking from. Joelle didn’t say it out loud, and never in public, but she did enjoy having a bottom over her lap, or bent in front of her, completely at her mercy, reddening and heating as she doled out stinging smack after stinging smack.

The paddle twitched between the bottom of Kimberley - who Joelle had had the pleasure to spank very soundly one cool Clarkstown morning, although she had gone too far, and her own bottom had paid the price for the excesses over Andrea’s stern lap – and Andrea’s offered up derriere.

There was no warning. The paddle flashed up and down, and the sound of the smack rang out in the parlour.

Andrea gasped first, then squealed, “Joelle!”

“How did you know it was me, cherie?” The Frenchwoman inquired, admitting her own guilt.

“You have a particular way about you,” Andrea said to her occasional lover.

“Next?” Joelle asked, dangling the paddle out for the next customer.


“I will,” Tania volunteered, holding out her own hand and accepting the paddle from Joelle.

The moment Tania had the paddle in her hand she had only one target. It was true that Andrea spanked her on the occasions she reported to the shop for discipline, but she volunteered for those, and it would be churlish to now try and get her own back for that. The young police officer really liked Kimberley, they were friendly outside of work, and she regarded the perky receptionist as a younger sister. Her mother on the other hand, was a different matter.

Gabrielle seemed to think that her standing in the community made her exempt from certain minor laws. Tania had shown her in no uncertain terms one afternoon at the shop with the assistance of a sturdy paddle and a stout strap that the local speeding laws were not one of those. Even having done that, and knowing Gabrielle had been careful not to exceed the speed limits since, there was something about the Kennedy matriarch that set her on edge, and she always thought the woman needed taking down a peg or two.


The paddle impacted firmly on the seat of Gabrielle’s skirt.

“Wow!” the Clarkstown matron let out with a whoosh of expelled air. “Who was that?” she demanded.

“You can’t tell?” Tania taunted.

Gabrielle didn’t say anything, but ground her teeth together. That figured. Tania was exclusively Andrea’s client, and she knew it, so Gabrielle was unlikely to get a chance to pay it back with interest.

For her part Kimberley let out a relieved breath. Aunty Andrea and her mother had been swatted and she hadn’t yet, she just hoped that when it came, and it would come, that it was not all in a rush.


“Can I have a go?” a young female voice asked.

Kimberley’s mind went into overdrive. She knew that voice. It was Rachel’s friend Wendy, the same one that had been sent to the shop by her employer the bank. Kimberley’s cheeks caught fire. She remembered that afternoon. She had been positively beastly to the poor girl. Admittedly Aunty Andrea had taken her to task over her attitude, and she’d been soundly spanked as soon as Wendy left the shop with her own backside on fire under her work skirt, but the memory still shamed Kimberley a little. It was an example of her letting her power go to her head.

All thoughts were driven from the girl’s mind by the impact of the paddle. Kimberley didn’t know if Wendy had ever used one before, but she seemed to know what she was doing, the swing actually lifted the petite girl onto her toes and it hit right where the cheeks, even under their double layer of clothing, was most sensitive.


Once each disciplinarian had received a swat, the ice was well and truly broken, and a line formed for the paddle. Maria, Rosalie, Sandra and Sharon policed it effectively, organizing the paddlers, ensuring that they were of age, and that they had been spanked at the shop. Maria even had to threaten the Waynwright twins with a paddling of their own if they didn’t stop trying to get into the line.

Andrea let out a whoop as Donna Sullivan planted a real stinger on her out thrust buttocks. Donna answered it with a grin, and her twins smiled at each other, with young Courtney’s hands going reflexively to her own bottom.

Ashleigh Summerton was the next with the paddle in hand, and the striking young brunette whose husband Daniel was over her knee on a regular basis, and still came to the shop to have his posterior warmed, had a bit of a score to settle with Andrea. The first time the couple had attended the shop Andrea had made it a condition that Ashleigh be spanked. She had agreed, but she’d never felt it fair, and had been trying to even the score ever since.

Andrea gritted her teeth as the paddle landed again. Why had she thought of this idea? She saw Ashleigh’s shoes walking away and knew who it was, she remembered those red pumps, the girl had worn them the last time she’d brought Daniel in for some bare bottom discipline. She filed the information away for future reference.


Rosalie had to admit she was surprised to see April Chang in line. She knew that the girl had attended the shop, although not under what capacity or situation, but she just never see her as tigerish enough to want to spank.

It was Andrea who had spanked the girl for trying to cheat on a college course by plagiarizing her boyfriend’s work - he was a TA for Professor Julia Harrison - but she bore the Spank Shop proprietress no ill will. That spanking had been her own fault, it had hurt like hell, but she had earned it, and in retrospect it had done her a great deal of good by making her assess her life and attitude. It was Kimberley Kennedy she had a score to settle with.

April’s small hand closed around the handle of the paddle and she strode determinedly towards the teenage receptionist’s pert round behind. Kimberley had ‘relieved’ her boyfriend Marc of his erection when the college sweethearts were spanked. April knew it had been something the receptionist and budding discipline consultant had been told to do, but surely she could have let Marc take care of it himself? The girl crossed a line and April was going to get what revenge she could. Her regret was that she only got one smack.


“Holeee!” Kimberley howled, only just managing to hold position.

April leaned over the girl, took a fist full of blonde locks and hissed in her ear, “Keep your hands to yourself!” then she walked proudly away, handing the paddle to the next person in line, who happened to be Gloria Travers.


The attractive young trophy wife was Andrea’s client, and she generally had her seat warmed by the chestnut haired disciplinarian, mostly for offences regarding her husband’s credit card, owing to a weakness for expensive designer footwear. However she didn’t want to spank Andrea. Rather like April, Gloria accepted that her transgressions were her own fault and she deserved what Andrea handed out, but Gabrielle Kennedy was a different matter entirely.

Gloria had never been spanked by Gabrielle, but she knew what the community attitude was towards her marriage. A pretty young woman married to a much older man, a widower at that, with a teenage daughter. The charge had been led by Gabrielle, although she was not alone. This wasn’t much, but maybe it would help Gabrielle to blunt that sharp tongue of hers.


“Ow!” Gabrielle yelped, her head flying up and catching a brief glimpse of a satisfied Gloria Travers leaving the scene to have a conversation with her teenaged stepdaughter, Jennifer, who had foregone a turn with the paddle herself, having no real reason to want to smack any of the ladies over the couch.


The older cousin of the Waynwright girls; Kathy, would have liked to spank Andrea, because she was unfairly spanked the time she went to the shop, due to a deception perpetrated by the girls, but she and her aunt, the girl’s mother, had their hands full trying to keep the twins out of mischief. Even now Martha was growling that she’d need to make an appointment for the 16 year olds at her earliest convenience.

Evan Marsters accepted the paddle from Gloria, and his heart pounded. He was the first male to do this, and it was a devil’s choice. Spanking Andrea would be nice, but he knew her, she’d find a way to get him back. He wouldn’t even consider Gabrielle. She was his girlfriend’s mother, that would put him in trouble with both her and Kim, and may even provoke the wrath of Bruce Kennedy, which wasn’t a wise move. He had recently spanked Kim for her birthday, so he didn’t figure one playful swat would matter that much, as he drew the paddle back to pop his girlfriend’s delightful derriere he fervently hoped he was right.

“Ouch!” Kimberley squeaked. “You’ll pay for that, Evan, you brat!” the girl vowed.

Evan took a deep breath, and looked for someone to hand the paddle to, at least this may stop the comments about him being under Kimberley’s thumb all the time.

Priya Balakrishnan glided forward and put her hand out for the paddle, which Evan handed over with relief.


As the gorgeous history teacher accepted the paddle there was a widening of eyes and a hiss of indrawn breath from some of her students at Clarkstown High. They knew that Miss Balakrishnan was a supporter of the shop and some even thought there was something going on between Andrea and the teacher – which there was – but this also confirmed that at some point she had been spanked there. More than one of the high school students wondered out aloud what she had done to get it.

Andrea was thinking how hot her bottom was getting under her skirt after Priya had delivered another solid swat to her.

“I taught you too well, I think,” Andrea said half to herself, as Millicent Campbell took the paddle from Priya.

Millicent’s husband Brian inquired politely if he could also have a turn, but was quelled by a fierce glare from his fiery young wife and melted back into the crowd to talk to Evan and Daniel. Daniel understood what it was to be married to a dominant woman.

“Owwww!” Andrea yelled as Millicent paddled her. ‘Couldn’t they pick someone else’s bottom to hit?’ the disciplinarian thought ruefully. There were three of them over the couch after all.

Andrea wiped the tears that were threatening from her eyes, and turned to see Michael Wilson’s hand out for the paddle from Millicent. “I think I said the shop, young man,” she said as firmly as she could.

Michael’s wife Polly giggled, “You’re in trouble with Aunty Andrea! Should I book him in for an appointment, ma’am?”

“If you do, young lady, make sure that it’s a double and include yourself with it,” Andrea told her.

Polly gulped, and said quietly, “Yes, ma’am.”

A blushing Michael gave the paddle to the powerful college athlete Samuel Jensen.


The big, fresh faced young man’s heart pounded as held the paddle and surveyed the bottoms in front of him. His brow furrowed in concentration. He had a reason to want to smack all three of them. Andrea and Gabrielle spanked him, and Kimberley often teased him when he had to get into an apron, and he was sure she often made a point of coming into the parlour when he was being spanked just so she could look at his bottom.

“Oh my God!” Gabrielle roared. “Is that you, Samuel Jensen? You just wait until you’re sent to us again, my boy.”

Sammy’s bottom tingled at the ominous words, but Gabrielle was not unlike his mother physically and in manner, so even if she really roasted him next time, it had been worth it to make her howl.

Kimberley chanced a look behind her and her face lost a shade of colour as she saw that the paddle was now in the hand of Misty Kendall. There was no doubt about it, Misty would swat her. The girl still held a grudge about the first time she’d come to the shop and Kimberley had really put her through her paces.

“Bottom out!” Misty ordered as she took up position behind Kimberley. She had been discussing this with the girls from SOB. The majority of them paddled for initiation so they knew how to make a swat count. Misty put every bit of her tuition into that one swat and was rewarded with a full throated yell from Kimberley.


Maria looked at the line and felt a brief pang for the three bent over the back of the couch. It wasn’t getting any shorter and the faces in it were quite determined. The bottoms over that couch must be smouldering by now, the swats were adding up and they had been quite firm.

Rachel McMillan only had eyes for Gabrielle from the second Misty placed the paddles handle in her hand. The girl was born and raised in Clarkstown, and was a little older than Kimberley, as such she was well acquainted with the lap of Gabrielle Kennedy, both in and out of the shop. Admittedly one single paddle swat would in no way make up for all the spankings Gabrielle had given her over the years, but it would put a smile on the 19 year-old’s face.


“Yeeowch!” Gabrielle hissed. She wondered if Kimberley had any of that paddle cream she sold in the shop. The three of them were going to need it by the time this afternoon ended.

“Oh come on, Lexie!” Kitty Toscanno begged her older sister. “I’ve got a bunch of reasons to want to swat someone.”

“You earned all of those yourself, young lady,” the older girl told her sibling. “It wasn’t Aunty Andrea who made you get a tattoo, and every other time you’ve been sent here, it’s been your poor decision making that led to it.”

“Having a big sister really sucks sometimes!” Kitty grumped as she stepped out of line under Lexie’s eagle eye. Chelsea Kennedy consoled her, having some knowledge of a stern older sister.


The paddle was instead given into the keeping of Veronica Dixon-Thompson. The wealthy lady hadn’t been spanked at the shop as such, but it had been an official punishment administered by Andrea, it had however been delivered at her home, on the tennis court to be exact.

“Now straighten those legs out, darling,” Veronica purred. “Just like you’re reaching for a smash shot.”

Andrea grit her teeth. She might have known Veronica wouldn’t pass up this opportunity. Andrea’s own arms were strengthened from playing tennis regularly, and it helped with her line of work. She couldn’t imagine Veronica wouldn’t be the same.


The impact of the paddle was followed by a short shriek from Andrea, she even did a little involuntary on the spot dance. She may as well have done this with a bare bottom, it was hurting every bit as much, and her panties and skirt were actually having the additional effect of keeping the heat from the paddling in.


Rosalie stopped Ryan Smith from taking the next shot, she explained gently that it probably wasn’t good for his psychological development to want to take revenge on anyone at the shop. She then asked Malcom Deveson if he wanted a turn with the paddle. The self employed businessman blushed and said softly that Aunty and her ladies really did him a favour, and he had no desire to punish them for that.

“I will,” Carlie Edwards said, reaching her hand out for the paddle.

“Oww! Ow! Owww!” Kimberley squealed and rose up onto her tiptoes as a grinning Carlie gave the paddle to her mother.


That was Gabrielle’s bottom that flattened out under the paddle in Lynette Edward’s grip.

Gabrielle hissed and rolled her full womanly buttocks from side to side to relieve some of the building heat.

“Don’t you dare!” Chelsea warned her boyfriend Dustin Morris as he went to get in line. Dustin frowned but relinquished his place.


The three Sigma Omega Beta sisters; Tara, Belinda and Angelica had a brief conversation as they tried to decide who would paddle who. Tara got to wallop Andrea, Belinda applied her paddle to Gabrielle’s backside and Kimberley got a smack from Angelica. Andrea doubted that the three of them would compare notes, but she fancied that Tara hit harder than either of her sorority sisters.

Jason and Kelly from the local energy company demurred when the paddle was offered to them. They probably would have elected to swat Andrea, as she had dealt with them, but she had actually helped them by putting them together in the first place, there was also the fear that stories may get back to work, and one of their superiors was Bruce Kennedy, who through his wife and daughter’s association with the shop was a good and close friend of Andrea herself.

Phoebe from the beauty salon next door to the shop had no such qualms, she had been well behaved since her visit to the shop and she felt she owed Andrea for that long, painful and humiliating afternoon, plus she was also giving a swat for her friend and housemate Bridget who had not been able to attend.

‘How many more?’ Andrea wondered silently as she absorbed Phoebe’s swat. That kitten certainly had sharper claws than Andrea would have thought.


“I think that’s the end of the line,” Maria announced. She looked to Julia Harrison who shook her head gently, Constable Carl Jennings shrugged, the force had done their duty in the form of Tania earlier, Simon Devlin made the decision for her toyboy Andrew, and had the attractive PhD student been allowed to select someone to swat it would have been Maria, and her bottom wasn’t over that couch.

“Thank goodness!” came from the throats of Andrea, Gabrielle and Kimberley as they all straightened up and to general laughter and applause began to vigorously rub the seats of their steaming skirts.

“Well, we know the paddle works,” Andrea said, her smile returning.

“I think we can move the party to casa Kennedy,” Gabrielle said. “Everything is set up there, so if everyone wants to move across to our place we’ll continue on.”

The adults immediately began to arrange the younger attendees. One or two looked questioningly at Gabrielle.

“Andrea, myself and Kimberley need a little time to compose ourselves, we’ll join you soon enough,” Gabrielle explained to knowing looks.


“I thought they were never going to stop,” Andrea said, stretched out on a couch in her parlour as Kimberley rubbed some of her soothing post spanking cream into the glowing buttocks.

“You’re done, ma’am,” Kimberley said.

“Yes, you may have underestimated our clientele,” Gabrielle agreed as she took Andrea’s place and sighed in relief as Kimberley’s clever fingers went to work on her own scorched rear end.

“Thanks Mum,” Kimberley said happily as Gabrielle returned the favour and soothed her daughter’s battered seat.

“Still even with the paddling,” Andrea said, easing her skirt back over her bottom, “I think it was a highly successful celebration and a fitting end to our first year.”

I hope you all enjoyed that.

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